Thursday, February 28, 2008

Auction website contest: is ebay the best?

I have been thinking for sometime about how to earn some money for my favorite charitable organizations. Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I have decided to combine a hobby with my desire to help. So I have started to make jewelry and knit scarves. The scarves I figure I can knit while in hospital waiting rooms, it is not something I really have to think about, and I won't feel like I am waisting all my time. I figure half of the money I make should go to these charities and the other half to buying more supplies to make more scarves and jewelry.

Well I have decided to combine the sell of jewelry with an "Auction Test" I made 3 of the same bracelets, This is unusual because I usually never do more than one of a design. I listed one bracelet on Ebay one on ArtAndCraftAuctions and one on Etsy. we'll see which one sells best.

Half of the money that the bracelet sells for(minimum of $5.00) will go to Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, the rest of the proceeds of the sell will go to buy supplies to make more bracelets.

Bid on a bracelet and let's see which auction website is best.
I'll let you know what happens next week.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My little Army Guy

Jimmy loves to play "army guys" his favorite color is camouflage he is fascinated with everything military. I have been somewhat concerned that there was one more thing that he wanted to do in life but was going to be disappointed because he is legally blind. I finally asked him "do you want to be in the army when you grow up?" His reply was "no way, I could get hurt"

Just an example of another difference that cancer has made in his life. He is far more aware of his mortality than other 6 year olds. He is not obsessed by death but he is aware of the possibility of his death in a way that is so unusual for a child. In a way he seems so wise and mature.

I don't know if it is good or bad, it just is.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ebay strike and alternatives to ebay

I have been fed up with Ebay for a while. I used to sell ACEO cards for $7 to $25 each on Ebay but because of excessive fees it no longer made sense for me to sell there. Well Ebay just raised their fees again under the pretext of reducing the listing fees. Sellers are all fed up, a bunch of sellers have decided strike this week. I checked today and found that Ebay listings are down 17.79% !

I still keep in touch with a bunch of great Ebay artists they have decided to make thier own art and craft auction website. It has only been up for a few days and hasn't had the grand opening yet but WOW they are already selling lots of art! Check it out at I even listed a Painting. here is a coupon to use at the new site.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What does a man want for Valentine's day?

Have you noticed it? All the ads for Valentine's day are about "what to get for her on Valentine's day" I thought Valentine's day is a day to celebrate love, but Valentine's Day seems to be a day to celebrate "buy your woman something nice or you will be in trouble" Why are there so few commercials and ads suggesting what to buy for him on Valentine's day?

My husband takes me out for a "date night" once a week. He tells me he loves me at least three times a day. He always make sure I have everything I want, and I still expect some show of affection on Valentine's day. Why? We should be more concerned about how we show our men that we love them then we are about what they do for us. Because when a man knows he is loved and appreciated he is anxious to please his woman.

Real men love to make their woman happy, they know when she is happy they can reap the benefits. Let's face it girls, men are easy, we know what they want. They want their woman to be happy to see them, they want to know that they are your "hero" that you depend on them and appreciate them, and they want to be loved up properly.

Buy them a nice techno gadget too.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

What does a woman want for valentines day?

Red Rosebud 2.5x3.5 Mini watercolor

It is soon approaching... Valentines day. I bet my husband dreads Valentines day. I always tell my husband not to get me anything for valentines day, but he knows that is not true, I do want things for valentines day, but this is what I mean. don't get me the big three...

1. Flowers- I always feel somewhat guilty when I get this HUGE bouquet of red roses that my husband is apt to send me. Besides, roses die in a week. I just think of all the practical things that the money could have been spent on. I do love flowers though, but I am just as happy with a $5.00 bouquet from the grocery store as I am with the $50.00 bouquet from the florist.

2. Candy- *UGH* like I need more temptation. No candy please.

3. Jewelry- I really love pretty sparkly things I love to look at them but, I don't need any more jewelry. I don't even wear most of the jewelry that you have given me. *more guilt* So don't get me jewelry.

What do I want? I want to know that you love me and spent time and effort thinking of me, not that you spent lots of money on me. I would rather have a letter and a single rose from you than a huge bouquet of flowers delivered that you just called up and ordered. I would rather have a hundred little notes around the house than a box of Godiva chocolates. I would rather have a picnic dinner on a blanket in front of the fireplace than an expensive dinner in a fancy restaurant. I want to spend time with you and I want to know that you thought of me and love me. You can buy me stuff and take me to dinner, just make it very personal.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

well this stinks

My sister had a miscarriage. It really stinks because I live so far away from her that I can't even give her a hug.

I kind of know what she is going through, I had four miscarriages. But I don't suppose anyone ever really knows how someone else is feeling, even when they have been through the same thing. I do remember how badly I was hurting at those times and my heart hurts for her now.