Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's all good

my 19 year old goes around saying "It's all good" I think he means it as I'm alright or no thank you. But it got me thinking.

One night My husband asked Jimmy "if they could do an operation to make your eyes work would you do it" I cringed: there is nothing we can do to make Jimmy's eyes better I don't want to get his hopes up. But, Jim's answer surprised me, he said "no, then I would not be who I am."

I remember sitting in the hospital alone while I was waiting for Jimmy to wake up from sedation after one of his daily radiation treatments, I had LOTS of time to think. I was thinking about my little brother who is deaf and what an incredible young man I thought he was. I thought his struggles with his deafness probably had a large part in moulding his character and making him such an amazing individual. I hoped that Jimmy would turn out to be of such strong character; maybe Jimmy's "visual impairment" would help build his character in a similar manner. If I had a choice to have my son with perfect vision but unhappy and of poor character or have him be visually impaired but, happy and of strong character what would I choose?

Well it's not my choice. But, it seems to me that in the end if we go through life with the right attitude the trials help to make us better in ways that we otherwise wouldn't have been. Life builds us in unexpected ways. In the end I guess "it's all good" after all.