Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pity Party!

I'm having a party and you are all invited!

I'm having a pity party: I'm going do nothing but sit around and feel sorry for myself. You can come and sit around feeling pathetic with me. We can sit in a circle and tell about how rough we all have it. We can listen to each others woes and complaints. I can picture it now in my mind, first someone will tell of their chronic pain and their spouse out of work, then another will tell of the impending death of a spouse fighting cancer, another mom will express the agony of their child's death and then when it comes my time to complain I'll feel rather small and ungrateful complaining about the health problems of a my son, whom I still have with me, or the job my husband still has, or my relatively healthy body. So I'll just smile meekly and offer everyone a cookie.
See, I feel better already.