Sunday, September 2, 2012

Creaky, Squeeky

I walked into the kitchen the other day and without looking up Jim said "Hi mom" then he added  "do you know how I could tell that it was you mom?"
I shouldn't have asked, but I did. "Mom you creak when you walk" I kind of laughed it off, thinking that his hearing must be extra sharp to make up for his vision loss. Later that day I mentioned it to Jim's older brothers: how it was funny that Jim thought that I creaked when I walked. Their unexpected response was "yeah,  you kinda do" Whaaaaa...?I Creak when I walk! Oh yeah, that's just what every woman wants to hear.

Then when we were in church Jim was leaning his head on my shoulder I reached down to pick something up and Jim said "Don't do that mom, when you do that your shoulder squeaks"  Oh, now I creak and I squeak.

The funny thing is now that I know about it I have been noticing the noises I make when I move and it is driving me crazy. Yes, I can hear my knees popping and my joints creaking and squeaking.

I guess I'll never be a ninja.