Monday, May 19, 2008

What did we ever do without cell phones?

What did we ever do without cell phones?

My 10 year old wanted to ride his bike to the school and around the block and I almost didn't let him go because he wanted to ride alone and his brother was elsewhere with the cell phone that the boys share. *panic* How could I check on him? what if he needed me? I started thinking about what I did as a child. My mom used to let me ride my bike around and I just had to be home in time for dinner. Am I such a neurotic parent that I freak out when I know my kid will be out of contact for 30 minutes? YES! I decided that I needed to calm down, and give the poor kid a little freedom, so I told him to go ride his bike, just be home in time for dinner.

Oh, and I had him take him MY cell phone so I could call him....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An angry 7 year old

"Willy" 2.5x3.5" Mini Watercolor and prismacolor pencil

I had my littlest son, 7 year old Jimmy, get mad at me the other day. He got mad at me for doing something I never expected anyone to get mad at me for.

Jimmy and his 10 year old brother, Randy were both quarreling and it was bedtime anyway so I sent them both to bed. I went in to tuck Jimmy in and kiss him goodnight when he said "I'm mad at you!" I thought he was angry at me for sending him to bed but, when I asked him why he was angry he replied "This is all your fault. Why did you have to have Randy?" Yes, that is right he was mad at me for giving birth to his older brother! I have done many wrong things that people could be angry about but, I have never had someone get mad at me for giving birth before. I did try to explain that I had to have son#3 before I could have son#4 it did not seem to placate him. I did get to go to bed with a good laugh though.