Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stuart and Ben finally got home at 9:30 they won "Best Game Play" (they didn't award 1st 2end etc this year, they awarded best music, best graphics etc.) Stuart & Ben were happy with that Stuart said that it was just the same as first place, I'm not sure the guy who did the graphics or the girl who wrote the music would agree.
Stuart and Ben finally got home at 9:30 about 36 hours after they left Friday morning and then we had to go back to the Expo Center. Stuart was so tired that he FORGOT his computer and left it there, Luckily it was still there...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cheater Cheater

I received a letter in the mail from Jim's School it was a note from the school nurse. They had a vision screening at school and they are very concerned, Jim's vision test showed he has 20/100 vision in the left eye and 20/100 in the right eye. I wish! Since his brain tumor his vision has never tested better than 20/200 in his left eve and he can't see at all in his right eye. He usually tells them he "doesn't see very well in one eye," they will check his left eye first and assume that is the eye that he does not see very well from. Then they check his right eye and freak out. He must have cheated on his eye test, he frequently cheats on eye tests. I'm not sure how he cheated but he has cheated on eye exams before. He usually peeks with his "good eye" or tries to sneak closer to the eye test. I do find myself hoping that the schools eye test is correct even when I know it can't be. We were told his vision would never improve and we just had Jim thoroughly checked out. Isn't it silly that one incorrect eye test that I know is wrong can still get my hopes up?

I just wonder why I got a letter from the school that knows my kid is legally blind telling me my child has less than perfect vision.