Friday, March 19, 2010


I am grateful that Jimmy's MRI turned out to be clear. I am thankful that we have such a good health care system that I can get an MRI in a few hours notice. I'm glad that I'm so used to finding out the results of Jimmy's MRIs immediately that I complain when I have to wait for the next morning to find out the result. I am so blessed to have so many people that care about us. I'm glad that I have to now figure out why Jimmy is having these problems instead of trying to figure out how to fight a recurrence of his cancer.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

had a bad year this week

We had a rough day yesterday, and now I can't sleep.

We had parent teacher conference on Thursday evening where Jimmy's teachers told me he was having severe memory issues since about Christmas. His resource teacher mentioned placing him in another program in another school because they weren't able to help him here. Something like this would have been nice to know earlier. Then on Friday they sent Jimmy home from school because his right eye was hurting a lot. The pain gradually went away. I took him to his pediatrician who could not find anything wrong and called his ophthalmologist's office "is there any change in vision in that eye?" "No, he is still BLIND" Then on Sunday he had 3 seizures. His seizures had gradually been increasing but he has never had three in one day before. On Monday I called his neurologist, his neuropsychologist, and his oncologist. Monday afternoon he came home from school telling me his whole face hurt kind of like his eye was hurting before. After the Doctors all talked amongst themselves for a couple of days. I got a call yesterday morning telling me they wanted to do an MRI today. Jimmy was already in school so I had to check him out during his St. Patrick's Day activities and tell him "we get to go have an MRI." Yeah, he was pretty upset. I brought a drink for him to drink in the car on the way to the hospital (his IVs go better if he is well hydrated) and he had a seizure and spilled the drink all over himself. We got to the hospital and waited 30 minutes for the IV team to get there and it took 4 tries another 45 minutes of poking around in his veins to get the IV in, not fun. By then we had missed his time slot on the MRI machine we had an appointment for, it was either come back later or use the other machine. So we used the other machine. The radiologist has asked us in the past to always use the same machine for him, so we hope he will be able to read them alright. Of course by the time we got his MRI done the radiologist had gone home so we will have to wait for the morning to find out if his brain tumor is back.

So now I can't sleep.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

OK, I feel REALLY REALLY guilty about this but I will confess... My hubby and I went on an 8 day Mexican Rivera cruise with out the kids... and I enjoyed it anyway.
My hubby had talked me into going on a 3 or 4 day Cruise and we found this 8 day cruise for the same price, The bargain hunter in me could not pass up that deal.

Yes, I did think about the kids everyday, and yes, I did worry about them, and about Grandma and Grandpa who were at home watching them, But I really really enjoyed it anyway.

A couple of days before we left I kinda tripp-fell down a stair and sprained my ankle, I was afraid I had broken it. I was so worried that I would not be able to walk on our vacation but I was able to go without crutches for the entire cruise, Ok, my ankle did swell a lot and it hurt but, hey I was walking.

I don't know It may just be a coincidence but as soon as we got back home and relieved my parents of babysitting duty, they took a quick 2 day trip to St. George, a city 5 hours south of where we live. When they came home they announced that they had purchased a home there and were moving in a couple of weeks. Hummmm... do you think they were trying to tell me something?
Lover's beach in Cabo San Lucas,
Don't you Just love the ace bandage?