Saturday, September 25, 2010


Jimmy had a seizure last week, well actually he had a lot of seizures last week, he has anywhere from 5 to 8 seizures a day, but that is "normal" for him. But, last week when he had a seizure he was sitting at his computer desk, his arm went forward and got caught in the keyboard drawer and then he fell off the chair. He dis-located his elbow. Recently he has also had a seizure at the top of the stairs, and fallen all the way down the stairs, he had had seizures where he had fallen so hard that he bloodied his knees, had seizures where he went face down in his bowl of breakfast cereal, I worry he could have drown in his breakfast. The poor kid can't even shower or take a bath alone. It is so frustrating! nothing we have done seems to help we keep trying all these different medications and he just keeps getting worse. If Jimmy is sitting down he usually won't fall over, so I find myself not encouraging him to do any physical activities, What Kind of life is this for a 9 year old boy? He used to be aware of what was going on when he had a seizure but, now he is only "aware" about half the time. Sometimes when he has a seizure I just sit on the floor holding him and crying.