Friday, April 2, 2010

Colored Easter Eggs

Easter is quickly approaching and I asked the kids if I should buy eggs to color for Easter. This is the first Easter that we have had chickens. Our chickens lay brown eggs, tan eggs, speckled eggs and even blue-green eggs but no white eggs. My kids love to color Easter eggs so I asked if should buy some white eggs to dye. Their responses were:
"no way"
"Ewwww gross"
"only if we don't have to eat 'em"
and my favorite:
"what are we gonna use 'em for, target practice?"
I guess my kids are spoiled by their nice, fresh eggs.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dr. Appointments and more Dr. Appointments

I was dropping Jimmy off at school yesterday and he asked what time I was checking him out. You see, he has had a lot of Dr. appointments in the past two weeks. He has had blood draws and an MRI, and Brain Tumor Clinic, and an MRA, and we have talked to his pediatrician, and his oncologists and his neuropsychologist and his neurologist and we had a really, really, really long day at his opthamologist.
So he wanted to know when his Dr. appointment was going to be that day. I told him we didn't have Dr. appointments for the rest of the week, boy was he disappointed, he had to spend an entire day at school.

We still don't know what's causing his problems so he won't be sad for too long, we have more appointments next week.