Saturday, January 31, 2015


Here is the process of painting of "Buddy": 

Refrence photo:

I began on a white canvas with  a teeny bit of black then added phthalo blue, burnt umber 

Next I added ACRA Magenta, Cad yellow light, and a green background. All the colors I used to paint the dog were not mixed  I used transparent. color straight from the tube.
and layered them so the viewers eye could mix them

Last I added more transparent burnt umber. 
 Budddy 16x20" Acrylic on canvas

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Portrait of Sam

Here is a commissioned painting I did of a sweet doggy. I did it very loose and colorful. I know that it looks a little like watercolor but, it is done in acrylic. I did do most of the dog in loose washes and glazes of transparent acrylic paint as though it were watercolor.

"Sam" 16x20" Acrylic on canvas. 

reference photo that was sent to me.

This is the sketch that I came up with. I often do a thumbnail sketch in Photoshop because it allows me to make quick changes to see how different things look. and it is also very easy to email the image to  the client for approval.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Star Light

I did this painting for my brother and his wife for Christmas. When I asked what they wanted as a Christmas gift she asked for a painting that combined both their favorite things, she loves lighthouses and he loves Star Trek. this is the painting that I did. I did put a little Starship Enterprise in the sky.

"Star Light" 10" x 14" watercolor