Wednesday, September 28, 2011

halloween costumes

I always have made my kids Halloween costumes. I started doing it because my kids always seemed to want to dress as something that they didn't sell costumes for, now I do it because it is cheaper than buying. Some costumes I have made are a zebra, roadkill, a harry chested pirate, Captain Hook, a duck, and the tooth fairy. This year Jim wants to be a storm trooper because he bought a toy gun that looks like a storm trooper blaster. I'm not sure I could make a good storm trooper costume so in an effort to talk Jim out of the storm trooper idea I pointed out that: he couldn't take the gun to school, I probably couldn't make a good storm trooper costume, and He couldn't wear a mask, and to really look like a storm trooper he needs a mask. Then I said "why don't you try to think of something else" so he come back a few minutes later and says "I Know what I'll be instead of being a storm trooper,.. I'll be Luke Skywalker disguised as a storm trooper"

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We spent a month at the hospital last week

It was Jim's MRI and brain tumor clinic one day and his Epilepsy Clinic the next day. It wasn't really a month we spent at the hospital but, it sure seemed that way. Jim got an IV, blood work and a blown vein. He had his hearing tested in audiology, He had an MRI and X-ray done, we went to Brain Tumor Clinic and Epilepsy Clinic and endocrinology, and saw what seemed like every doctor on the planet, although Jim assured me that that wasn't actually true. at one time I found myself explaining to the Brain tumor clinic coordinator why Jim sees 2 neurologists, 2 neurosurgeons and 2 neuropsychiatrists (one of each specializing in seizure surgery) and 2 ophthalmologists(one is a neuro ophthalmologist) then she said "and only one oncologist?"

The results? all good...
-Stable MRI!
-No endocrine issues, His endocrinologist keeps thinking there is a problem with his pituitary, but his levels always seem to be fine this time, and surprisingly no thyroid problem yet.
-His bone age test showed that if everything goes well he should be "average" height when he grows up. Average is very good all of the rest of us are "below average" height.
-Hearing is good, no radiation damage there either.
-No new concerns in any other areas!!!
-They were going to schedule his surgeries for his seizures but, he is down to 1 or 2 seizures a day, they want us to increase his meds even more (he is at a full dose for a child) to see if we can get full seizure control. We will meet again in December to see how he is doing. No brain surgeries makes a mom happy!

Wooo Hooooo!