Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hitting the big 50!

I just hit 50! What? I don't look a day over 45? Well that because I'm not even 44 yet. Just how old do you think I am??

I was talking about my weight. I have lost over 50 pounds. The numbers look good on paper but, I still don't feel any different, just less embarrassed by myself. I have gone from repulsive to average. But still 50 is a pretty good milestone don't you think?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That's what you get when you send a blind kid to camp

Jimmy went to camp Hobe last week and he had an absolute great time, he left very sad because it is his last year to go to Camp Hobe. When we got home and unpacked we found his suitcase was very full of very dirty clothes, unfortunately they were not HIS dirty clothes: there was a blanket, 3 pairs of pants, three shirts, a jacket and a pair of shoes. He was missing about the same amount of stuff. I know that Jimmy is inclined to losing things because of his bad vision so I made sure to write his name on all his stuff so hopefully he will get it back. Unfortunately there were no names on the orphaned clothes he brought home. We took them back to camp and hopefully they will find a home.

All in all Jimmy bringing home the wrong clothes was not totally unexpected, after all he is a legally blind 8 year old but, I wonder what was the other kids excuse was?