Sunday, May 16, 2010

hospital visits and pity parties

I was checking Jimmy out of school for a yet another Dr. appointment for what seemed to be the twentieth time in the past three weeks. As I walked through the halls and listened to the "normal" children in their class rooms I began to think about how unfair it all was, I am so tired of dealing with all of this, why can't my kid just have a normal life? I an so very tired of having to deal with all the doctors and appointments! I wish he could see like a normal kid I hate him having seizures and all these other medical problems. I hate to admit it but, I even began to cry. I got myself under control before I got to Jimmy's classroom and picked Jimmy up.

We began the long drive to Primary Children's Hospital when Jimmy asked me "Why do I have to go to all these Doctors? I never get to enjoy life, I never get to have any fun. my life would be better if I had never been born." While I do allow myself an occasional pity party I don't want him to have one. Jimmy is usually so cheerful and upbeat it kind of broke my heart to see him so down. So I began talking to him about how lucky we were to live somewhere where we had a good hospital to go to. We talked about all the wonderful things he had in his life, and how lucky he was to have all these doctors who cared for him. We talked about how many people loved him and about the fun things we got to do at the hospital. While I was cheering him up I found I had I cheered myself up as well. Sometimes when you help someone else look at the bright side you are really helping yourself.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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