Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'd rather wear a macaroni necklace than pearls

Fragrant Memory 8x10 watercolor

I'd rather wear a macaroni necklace than pearls. A woman who proudly wears a necklace made of macaroni makes a bold fashion statement, a macaroni necklace says a lot about a woman. It says I am a mother, a child loves me enough to make me this necklace themselves, and I love them enough to wear it. I have proudly worn macaroni necklaces more than once. My children are now past the macaroni necklace stage. They are doing that dreadful thing all children do, they are growing up. I do still get other beloved handmade gifts from my children, This Mothers day I got a home made story book and a flower pen, my oldest boys bought me wonderful gifts, and my mothers day breakfast in bed was actually delicious this year. I am enjoying my sons gifts but, I'll still look forward to the day when hopefully, I'll have the chance to wear a necklace made by a beloved grandchild. Until then I'll be a little envious of any woman I see wearing a multicolored macaroni necklace.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Wrath of an 8 Year-Old

Jimmy was mad at me this morning so he stepped on every crack he could while I was walking him to school. I of course, yelled out *OUCH* and grabbed my back with every crack he stepped on. By the time we got to school we were both laughing and Jimmy had decided that just the cracks that ran right to left would hurt my back, cracks running front to back made my back feel good so he could repair my poor broken back.

It was one of those mornings that makes me glad that I'm a mom.