Friday, October 30, 2009

Raingutter Regatta

Jimmy took first place in the Cub Scout Rain gutter Regatta this year. I was very proud, mostly because I was the one that helped him build the boat. Every year when it comes to "Derby" time for the past 10 years I have helped my Cub Scout sons build race cars, or sailboats, whatever they are racing that year, all of them have been a dismal failure in the racing department. I must say some of them looked really good though. I finally made one that not only could finish the race, It was actually fast.

I'm sure he fact that we had the boat finished a week in advance and Jimmy practiced "sailing" it everyday had nothing at all to do with it though. Ok, ok Jimmy was the one responsible for winning all the races. There was one competitor that was quite close, they had to re-race three times, the first two races were a tie. When I asked Jimmy why he had a harder time racing that boy he told me that when he had to race from the right side of the rain gutter he could not see the sail to blow on it. Oh, yeah, He is completely blind in that eye! Another *duh, mom* moment, I made sure he was on the left side for every race after that and he always won by a wide margin.

Jimmy was in heaven! he had been eagerly awaiting the day he could participate in one of the Cub Scout derbies for as long as he could remember and he finally got to race in one. He was having so much fun that he didn't really realize he took first place until they gave him the certificate at the end.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

growing and shrinking

Little Jimmy asked if me I was the "baby" of my family... I replied that I was second to oldest that his uncle Bruce was by far the youngest. Jimmy got a puzzled look on his face and said "Bruce can't be younger than you, mom, he is too tall." I explained that adults stop growing when they get to be 18 or so so height isn't exactly a good judge of age in grown-ups, I then added sometimes when you get really old you can even shrink a little.
"Oh..." he said "that's why you are so short."

watch it kid.....